2015: The Features We Ignore


The Features We Ignore is a painting collection designed to call attention to the attributes of the human figure that live in the shadows, are undervalued, or are commonly shielded from the human eye.  Victoria continues her theme from 2014’s The Places We Ignore of highlighting the beauty found in places that are often overlooked.

Victoria encourages viewers to take an extraordinary look at the most ordinary features of the human form. This body of work allows for the examination of a wide range of stylistic approaches to the portrayal of the human body. Color and perspective are carefully used as a strategy to enhance, distort, and complicate our viewing experience.

While each human body is comprised of the same essential elements—a head, torso, hands, and feet—they each have their own quirks. People don’t often consider someone’s individual features in isolation; we only see the sum that makes a person an individual. When we isolate the composite components of a person, we begin to understand how each of us is unique.

The features that comprise these greater parts are responsible for defining an individual’s uniqueness but they are scarcely acknowledged. The collection calls attention to how the shape of a nostril, curve of the clavicle and the definition of a sternum act as a foundation to the area they support. These features are referred to as strange, forgotten, and sometimes mundane elements, but their variation in width, texture, color, intensity, and movement help define the human whole.