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Victoria Milo

Victoria Milo is a young artist living in New York City. She graduated from Georgetown University in May 2012 with a double major in Studio Art and Linguistics. She is best known for her large-scale oil paintings based on her photography of light and the moments in life often overlooked. Victoria’s work explores the idea of embracing the natural and irregular dripping of the paint. She incorporates these spontaneous movements into her subject matter. In 2014 The Places We Ignore exhibition called attention to the minute details of the repetitive landscape New Yorkers face every day in their travels through the subway system. Her current collection, The Features We Ignore, continues to highlight the beauty found in the shadows, this time focusing on the human figure.  

Artist Statement

When you have a paintbrush in your hand, you should theoretically be in control of the paint. However, sometimes the paint controls you. Oils run, bleed, blend, move, and smudge as a result of natural elements such as gravity and temperature. The idea that a purely organic image can manifest out of a calculated process is fascinating. I have spent most of my earlier work trying to control my medium and make my paintings fit into a predetermined mold. Recently, I have decided to let the paint move and fall as it pleases and to have my image respond to the marks that it leaves behind.

My subject matter focuses on materials whose complexity and beauty I often forget exist. The body of work I am currently working on explores the translucent and transparent substances of glass, plastic, and light and how they interact with the human figure and their environment.  I focus on how these elements reflect and absorb light while incorporating the natural drip and movement of the paint that each brushstroke creates.


Education:  2012 Georgetown University BA Linguistics, BA Art

Solo Exhibitions:


  • March- The Features We Ignore, New York, NY


  • March- The Places We Ignore, New York, NY



  • Jan- London Art Biennale


  • September- Union League Club Member Group Show,  Chianciano International Art Award Group Show
  • July- Southampton Art in the Park Art Fair
  • May- Georgetown University Spagnulo Gallery Senior Art Show


  • Georgetown University Library- Solo photo exhibit


  • Georgetown University Library- Solo photo exhibit


  • 2012 Georgetown University da Vinci Medal for Excellence in Studio Art
  • 2011 Georgetown University Voice Photo contest- 3rd Place Washington, DC
  • 2010 Charles University Photo contest 1st Place Prague, CZ
  • Georgetown University Photo Contest 1st Place Washington, DC

Private Collections:

  • Milrose Consultants New York, New York


  • 2011 Georgetown University Student Association election campaign art director
  • 2010 Georgetown University Student Association election campaign art director
  • 2009 Georgetown University Student Association election campaign art director



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